Pure Sound Studios is a small music production business located in central Wellington, New Zealand. Established mid 2020, with the aim of providing a creative space for local musicians to easily record their music and experiment with new tools, the core mission of the studio is to help artists make great tracks at an affordable price. Additionally our laid-back approach is designed to facilitate the development of our clients' artistic expression. Music is our passion, and we want to enable those who share this passion to enjoy a cosy, welcoming and intimate setting. (PureSoundStudiosnz)


For monitoring we have Yamaha HS8s & HS5s. We have an extensive range of plug ins, including the full range of SoundToys, Fabfilter and Native Instruments and a large number of plug-ins from Waves, Valhalla DSP and XLN Audio (RC-20 Retro Color), iZotope and LiquidSonics.  


High quality equipment with acoustically treated spaces, enabling you to record all instruments including live bands. We have a range of DAWs for you to bring material from your chosen platform. This including: Logic Pro X, Albeton Live, Pro Tools, Cubase, Maschine, Reaper & Audacity. We also have a large range of virtual instruments from providers such as Native Instruments and Spitfire Audio. Also available is a 5 string electric bass with high quality pre-amp and Fender Rumble bass amp, a Schecter Stratocaster copy, a Yamaha acoustic-electric guitar, and a classical guitar. And some basic percussion. 


Although the core competency of the studio is providing a high quality tracking environment, we have an inhouse producer who is very happy to work with artists to create stand-out tracks if that is required.


"Sometimes great things happen by coincidence. Or serendipity. I found out PureSound were taking new bookings at a time I had material to take forward, not sure where to, but knew it needed some sympathetic professional help to get it there. I'm picky about guitar sounds, and had some ideas for vocals and arrangements, well beyond what my home set-up could manage. PureSound was an ideal match. The gear and software is top notch, and the team is down to earth. And they listen, really listen. In the end I did more than just record some tracks, I found again that special wonder of creating and bringing music into the world. I'll be back..." - PURESOUND CLIENT 


Creating an Interconnected Network

Here at PureSound, we envision a space where like minded creatives can come together to collaborate on their tracks and projects. Once working at PureSound, you will be given the opportunity to be referenced as a member who is keen to play/assist on others tracks when other musicians are seeking a hand. We want this to be a welcoming space where fellow artists can develop together.  



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