What is PureSound Studios?

Our doors are open to all musicians, no matter the stage in their career. Whether you are a first timer, looking to begin their first track with some guidance and support from our studio engineer, or an experienced musician wanting to experiment with new software and top level plug-ins.  


An engineer will be in the studio with clients at all times, so there will always be the technological help provided.  

PureSound Studios is a new music production business based in central Wellington. We provide high quality services and facilities, welcoming musicians at any level in their career to develop and/or track their material. Services provided by PureSound include recording, tracking, mixing, video production and composition.  


Our creative space not only focuses on facilitating the musical production of local artists, but also we aim to provide a supportive network for creatives to work together, incorporating community-based values.  


When working with PureSound Studios, the opportunity is provided for you to connect with other like-minded individuals and musicians, to collaborate on musical projects, and unite/talk new ideas. Everyone needs help in their endeavors in some shape or form, and we want to provide a framework for creatives to support other creatives in their musical pursuits.

Who can
join us?



Our goal is to provide an open, welcoming space, to all those passionate about music, production and creation. Your experience with PureSound Studios is entirely up to you and how you choose to make it.  


Need a bit of extra help with an acoustic guitar section? Or feel as though a space on your track could be filled perfectly with some extra slap bass, but you don’t know where to find that special person? We want to build this as a space to help make connecting with others easy.

Meet The Team

Anthony Limbrick

Founder of PureSound and studio engineer. Produces under the name 'Bravo Bonez'

Rosie Spearing

Studio Manager

A working musician, lead singer of Wellington- based band. Experienced perfomer and band liaison

"I have had the pleasure of working with Bravo over the last couple of months on a 5 track EP. Having previously only ever recorded with friends and at home, working in a studio and with someone I didn't know was a new experience for me. He has made the process easy and fun while providing excellent creative and production input. With his help the project has evolved in positive directions I would never have thought of. Bravo's quality interpersonal and communication skills coupled with his first class equipment, knowledge and broad musical sensitivities make him an excellent person to collaborate with. I look forward to working with him again soon".


Client Feed Back  31/8/2020

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