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Our ultimate goal is to provide you with high quality tracking at an affordable rate.  

High quality equipment with acoustically treated spaces, enabling you to record all instruments including live bands. We have a range of DAWs for you to bring material from your chosen platform. This includes the latest versions of Logic Pro X, Albeton Live (11), Pro Tools and Maschine, plus a range of other DAWs (Cubase, Reaper & Audacity). We also have a large range of virtual instruments from providers such as Native Instruments and Spitfire Audio.


Although the core competency of the studio is to provide a high quality tracking environment, we have do an inhouse producer who is very happy to work with artists to create stand-out tracks if that is desired.


For monitoring we have Yamaha HS8s & HS5s. We have an extensive range of plug-ins, including the full range of Soundtoys, Fabfilter and Native Instruments and a large number of plug-ins from Waves, Valhalla DSP and XLN Audio (RC-20 Retro Color), iZotope and LiquidSonics. 



  • Fender Telecaster electric guitar

  • Gibson Les Paul electric guitar

  • Schecter Stratocaster electric guitar

  • Gretsch 5422T hollow body guitar

  • Yamaha steel string acoustic Guitar 

  • Classical guitar.


  • We have a 3 tier pedal board incorporating Zoom G11 and a range of high spec effects pedals, including Strymon, Orange, Walrus Audio, 1981 Inventions and Cooper FX. 


  • Sire 5 string electric bass with high quality pre-amp


  • Orange Rocker 32 (stereo)

  • Fender Hot Rod Deluxe

  • Vox AC30

  • 100w Fender Rumble bass amp


  • Eastman Trumpet


  • Sonor Vintage Drum Kit 

  • Zildjian cymbals

  • Basic percussion 


  • A range of good quality mics including Neumann TLM107, and a range of Rode and Shure microphones




We are now providing an opportunity for those wanting to improve their engineering and production skills by working one on one with an engineer in our Writers' Corner. This position is synced to the engineer's digital facilities, allowing creators to have their own screen while sitting next to the engineer, enabling them to easily share screens. Those in the Writers' Corner have full access to all our plugins and virtual instruments, and can be set up on their chosen DAW (digital audio workstation) in a relaxed, friendly environment.


This may suit new-comers wanting to learn the basics to get started on projects at home, an intermediate seeking tips on how to manually adjust filters, automation etc... or a student wanting to explore a new hobby. We are not expert professionals, but we can defiantly help to grow your production skills to a higher level.  



Hours for developmental programmes/sessions: 10.30am - 5pm

Available during the school holidays.

Can be booked as a weekly session or a one off. 

Those under the age of 18 must have a guardian with them in the studio.

Price: $65 + GST per/hr


(10th July - 24th July 2021)

Across the July school holiday period we are providing one-on-one sessions with our in house engineer for youth between the ages of 14-18 years. 

This is basically the same set up as our 'One On One Lessons', however, with the studio based holiday tutorial, we can run your child through anything within a small music studio that they may be interested in. That be how a studio operates, the technical side to setting up live sound, mixing, mastering, audio production, starting out in musical production... you say it, we can work out how to do it. 

Here are some of the things we can take you through:

  • How to create a realistic drum sound from scratch

  • How to import loops, patches and samples

  • How to create your own loops, patches and samples

  • How to modulate, automate, side chain, gain staging

  • How to add processing effects onto your tracks in post - production

  • The basics of mixing your tracks

  • The basics of mastering

  • Take you through the understanding of how a small recording studio works

Student learning how to master in the wr

Price = $65 + GST. Like all PureSound payments, compensation is needed 3 working days prior to session.

 A guardian must attend for the full hour. 

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